When you are at home and alone, you don’t have any security facilities, you are feeling scared of intruders, then wrap foil around door knob. This is a DIY idea. This wrap foil will give you a little security. If intruders come and try to open your door by rotating the wrapping foil knob, this will make a crinkle noise and give you an alarm. After hearing the crinkle alarm take a step according to your situation and put yourself in a safe condition.

Behind the crinkle noise, wrap foil around door knob emerges a psychological impact on intruders. Result of this he may take A U-turn and you can get a furtive relief.

Cons of Wrap Foil Around Door Knob When Alone

  1. Wrap foil makes very little sound, that’s why when you are in a deep sleep mode you can’t hear the wrap foil crinkle sound.
  2. Running home instruments or machines have some noise, they can also break this DIY security system.
  3. An experienced or pre-demonstrative intruder can operate the wrap foil door knob without making any sound.

An alternative of Wrap Foil Around Door Knob

You can use a cup as an alternative DIY security idea. Set the cup as shown in photo, so that when intruders rotate the knob, the cup will fall on floor and produce an alarming sound for you.

Other DIY Ideas by Wrap Foil

  1. Wrap foil is a handy alternative to tape for house painting purposes.
  2. You can use wrap foil to warm food.
  3. It can be used as pots for little plants.