In the realm of home improvement projects, the selection of suitable materials is paramount. At Floor & Decor, understanding that there might be instances where a product falls short of expectations despite careful deliberation, a user-friendly return policy has been established aimed at ensuring complete customer satisfaction. This article provides an in-depth exploration of Floor and Decor’s return policy, covering aspects such as the return timeframe, specific conditions, and exceptions.

The 90-Day Floor And Decor Return Policy

At Floor & Decor, the priority is to provide a hassle-free home improvement experience. As such, a generous 90-day return policy is extended. In cases where customers are dissatisfied with their purchase, whether made in-store or online, the merchandise can be returned within 90 days of purchase, with a valid sales receipt, and a prompt refund will be issued.

Key Terms and Conditions

While the aim is to simplify the returns process, it is essential to note that the right to limit or deny returns or exchanges under specific circumstances is retained. To facilitate a smooth return process, it is advisable to consider the following points:

  1. Original Packaging Requirement: In certain markets, the mandate is that returned items are in their original packaging and quantity. For example, if tiles were purchased by the box, they must be returned in the same manner. However, individual pieces may be returned if they were purchased as samples, as indicated on the sales receipt.
  2. Returns Exceeding $500: If a return exceeds $500, and the original payment was made in cash or by check, it will be processed as a mail refund check.
  3. Photo ID Requirement: A valid photo ID is necessary for all returns, and the ID information will be recorded during the return process. Customers should be prepared to furnish this documentation to expedite the return.
  4. Third-Party Refund Verification: To ensure the legitimacy of returns, a third-party refund verification system is employed. All returns undergo approval through this verification system.

Original Packaging Requirement for Floor And Decor Return Policy

Certain Floor & Decor store locations impose specific conditions regarding the condition of returned items. These locations stipulate that returned merchandise must be unopened and in its original purchased packaging and quantity. However, exceptions apply:

  • Individual Pieces: If individual pieces were purchased as samples, they may be returned individually, as indicated on the sales receipt.
  • Decorative Mosaics: Decorative mosaics may be returned individually if they are unopened and still in their original packaging, which includes cardboard backing and plastic wrapping.

Here is the list of stores that require the original packaging for returns:

  • Arizona (AZ)
    • 111 Glendale
    • 115 Tempe
    • 147 Camelback
    • 180 Mesa
    • 223 Tolleson
    • 200 Albuquerque
  • Colorado (CO)
    • 117 Arvada
    • 118 Highlands Ranch
    • 205 Denver
    • 209 Thornton
    • 293 Timnath
    • 309 Colorado Springs
  • Georgia (GA)
    • 152 Savannah
  • Nevada (NV)
    • 120 Henderson
    • 202 Las Vegas
    • 303 South Summerlin
  • Texas (TX)
    • 220 El Paso
  • Washington (WA)
    • 254 North Portland
    • 313 Beaverton
    • 199 Tukwila
    • 211 Everett
    • 250 North Seattle
    • 262 Tacoma
    • 315 Woodinville
  • Florida (FL)
    • 108 Pompano
    • 122 Doral
    • 133 Boynton Beach
    • 134 Pembroke Pines
    • 140 Sarasota
    • 149 Miami Gardens
    • 158 Fort Myers
    • 173 Riviera Beach
    • 181 Fort Lauderdale
    • 191 Port St. Lucie
    • 192 Kendall
    • 265 Naples
    • 272 Miami Design Studio
    • 292 Coral Springs
    • 318 South Ft. Myers
    • 103 Jacksonville
    • 110 Orlando
    • 114 Brandon
    • 116 Clearwater
    • 143 Lakeland
    • 168 North Dale Mabry
    • 172 Sanford
    • 195 St. Petersburg
    • 196 St. Johns Town Center
    • 245 Gainesville
    • 246 Wesley Chapel
    • 281 Fern Park
    • 296 Clermont
    • 301 Kissimmee
    • 307 Waterford Oaks

These stores require customers to return items in their original packaging and quantity. Exceptions may apply for certain items, as indicated on the sales receipt.

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Crucial Points to Keep in Mind

There are several vital considerations that you should bear in mind when dealing with Floor and Decor’s return policy:

  • Installed Products: Once a product has been installed, it becomes ineligible for return. It’s essential to understand that Floor & Decor will not assume responsibility for product defects, damage, property damage, or any labor costs lost due to faulty installation. Therefore, it is highly advisable to inspect all products thoroughly before initiating the installation process, as accepting and using them signifies your acceptance.
  • Special Orders: Special orders can be canceled without incurring any penalties, and you’ll receive a full refund, including the shipping costs, provided you cancel the order before it’s shipped. However, please note that once the order has been shipped, you are responsible for both the outgoing and return shipping costs. For special order products that aren’t custom-made, you can return them to any Floor & Decor store location.
  • Custom Orders: Custom orders, such as countertops, Treadwell stair parts, cabinets, and the like, are considered non-refundable once they have been tendered. However, there is an exception for damaged or defective custom products, which can be exchanged. If you require assistance with custom orders, don’t hesitate to contact Customer Care.
  • Damaged Shipments: In the unfortunate event that your shipment arrives damaged, it is strongly advised not to refuse it. If a shipment is refused, Floor & Decor will charge you all applicable shipping fees as part of the return process. Instead, promptly contact Customer Care for assistance in handling the situation.
  • Lost in Transit: If a shipment goes missing during transit, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Customer Care for assistance in resolving the matter promptly.

The Customer Care No of Floor and Decor Return Policy is 404-720-9120 / 877-675-0002.

These considerations are essential to ensure a smooth experience when dealing with returns and adhering to Floor & Decor’s return policy. Your satisfaction remains the top priority, and these guidelines aim to facilitate a seamless home improvement journey.

Design Studio Returns

It’s important to note that Floor & Decor Design Studio locations are not equipped to accept physical merchandise returns. However, if you’ve made a purchase at a Design Studio and wish to return an item, there are alternative options available:

  1. Return to Any Floor & Decor Store: You have the option to return merchandise purchased from a Design Studio to any regular Floor & Decor store location. This offers flexibility in returning items closer to your convenience.
  2. Coordinate with Customer Care: If you find it challenging to return the merchandise to a store, or if you have specific questions or requirements related to your return, Customer Care is at your service. You can contact Customer Care at 404-720-9120 or 877-675-0002 to arrange the return and get assistance with any queries or concerns you may have.

While Design Studio locations may not handle physical merchandise returns directly, these alternatives ensure that you can efficiently manage your returns and receive the necessary support, contributing to a seamless home improvement experience.


How do I return my product?

To initiate a return at Floor & Decor, ensure you have your valid sales receipt. If your return meets the criteria outlined in the return policy, you can visit any Floor & Decor store location to process your return. Remember to check for any specific conditions or packaging requirements related to your purchase.

What’s the return policy at Floor and Decor?

Floor & Decor offers a 90-day return policy for merchandise purchased in-store or online. This policy allows you to return items within 90 days of purchase, provided you have a valid sales receipt. However, certain conditions and exceptions apply, so it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the complete return policy.

What is the return policy for tile?

The return policy for tile at Floor & Decor is in line with the general return policy. You can return tile products within 90 days of purchase with a valid sales receipt. Specific conditions may apply to the return of tile items, such as requirements related to the original packaging.

Can I return leftover flooring to Home Depot?

The return policy for leftover flooring at Home Depot may vary depending on their specific policies and the type of flooring product you purchased. It’s recommended to review Home Depot’s return policy or contact their customer service for detailed information on returning leftover flooring.

Can you return unopened boxes of flooring to Home Depot?

Whether you can return unopened boxes of flooring to Home Depot depends on their specific return policy and the condition of the product. Home Depot typically accepts returns within a specified timeframe and under certain conditions. To get accurate information, refer to Home Depot’s return policy or reach out to their customer service for guidance on returning unopened flooring boxes.

Can a product that has been installed be returned?

Unfortunately, once a product has been installed, it cannot be returned. It is recommended to inspect all products before installation.

What should be done if a shipment is damaged?

If a shipment arrives damaged, it is advisable not to refuse it. Contacting Customer Care for assistance is the appropriate course of action.

Are special orders refundable?

Special orders can be canceled before shipping without penalty and refunded in full, including shipping costs.

Can custom orders be returned?

Custom orders, such as countertops and cabinets, are non-refundable once tendered. However, damaged or defective custom products can be exchanged.

What is the procedure for returning merchandise from a Design Studio location?

Floor & Decor Design Studio locations cannot accept physical merchandise returns. Nevertheless, merchandise purchased from a Design Studio can be returned to any Floor & Decor store location, or the return can be coordinated through Customer Care.

what is the Methods of Return ?

Floor & Decor allows returns both for items purchased in-store and online. Regardless of where you made your purchase, you can return items within 90 days of the purchase date, given you have a valid sales receipt. Familiarize yourself with the complete return policy to understand the specific methods and conditions for returning items.

Can You Return a Product to Floor & Decor Without the Receipt?

Generally, Floor & Decor requires a valid sales receipt for returns. It’s recommended to keep your receipt to facilitate the return process. However, there may be exceptions or alternative methods for processing returns without a receipt. Contact the store or Customer Care for more information in such cases.

Which Items Can I Not Return At Floor and Decor?

While Floor & Decor offers a generous return policy, there are certain items that may not be eligible for return. These typically include installed products, special orders, and custom-made items like countertops or cabinets. It’s essential to review the return policy in detail to understand which items may be exempt from returns.


the return policy at Floor & Decor is designed to provide a seamless experience when returning items that do not meet expectations. The aim is to make the home improvement journey as smooth as possible.

For additional inquiries or assistance with returns, customers can reach out to Customer Care at 404-720-9120 or 877-675-0002.